Monster laboratory – Game jam (Godot Wild jam 2024)

Title font designed by my friend Johann

My friends and I took part in a game jam a little while ago. It was our first !

The concept of a game jam is to create a short video game / prototype on a specific theme for a limited period of time, with a few optional limitations. (In this case, the theme was Overload and there were 3 limitations : Have multiple playable characters, multiple endings and environmental storytelling instead of dialogs) 

Here’s a quick look at some of the art I created for the project. Artworks for the main creature(s), the scientists and backgrounds. A few assets (desks, filing cabinets, etc.) and the end screen of the game.

We worked in a group of 5, Arielle worked on the art with me, Alex and Johann worked on the programming, animation and user interface and Flavio composed the music. The title font was designed by Johann.

In our game, you play as a test subject trying to escape from a lab, helping others who are stuck here as well and looking for an exit.

You can try the game here. (it’s a bit rough around the edges and you can’t complete the game.)